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Paving Stone Installation,  & Colored Stone  (Hot Oil  & Gravel)


On a lot of the advertisements I do, I use the phrase, “Call US Last”...I want the long island homeowner to get a few estimates before calling us. There’s a reason for that…RAM Asphalt of long island will do our best to meet or beat a written estimate. If we can’t, I will be honest and say..” I can’t match it”.  More than often, we are middle of the road when it comes to estimates. Not the cheapest, and definitely not the most expensive. The contractors that offer a "too good to be true price", often just work on volume and will run from 12 to 15 driveways a day. And the ones that are extremely high, are just trying to make a killing.

RAM Asphalt is responsible for paving anywhere from 1 to 3 Long Island driveways a day. Most of the time, we will average about 2.  When you are not trying to rush from job to job, naturally the quality of the work is going to be Top Rate. We take our time on each driveway paving, cleaning up, making sure that the homeowner is completely satisfied. If there is a problem, I see to it personally and make sure that it is corrected . RAM Asphalt are proud to have no complaints with the Department Of Consumer affairs.

Richard Marcus


  • Free Estimates directly from the owner
  • Calls Forward Directly To The Owner & Returned Within 24hrs
  • Owner Present On Every Job (start to finish)
  • No Complaints With Consumer Affairs
  • All Work Professionally Done & Cleaned After Every Job
  • If Any Problems Do Occur, They Are Promptly Handled
  • Based on Long Island

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No Complaints With The Suffolk County Long Island Dept, Of consumer Affairs
RAM Asphalt of long island  is a family owned and operated business that has served Suffolk County Long Island NY for the past 18 years. Free estimates are always given by the owner / operator, Richard Marcus, not a salesman. Richard's primary goal is that of customer service, retention, and referrals. Every effort is made to keep our customers happy and to have our work proudly showcased by a satisfied client. This is how the majority of our business has always been done. 

RAM Asphalt Inc, offers a wide variety of services, from long island residential driveways to long island commercial parking lots and private roads, Including BrookvilleOyster Bay from Nassau to Suffolk County. we can handle any asphalt paving task while taking pride in the quality of our work. RAM Asphalt strives to provide newly paved surfaces that enhance the beauty of your property and offer routine maintenance and paving repair services that extend the life expectancy of the pavement. Need Asphalt Paving on Long Island? Call Ram Asphalt. Driveways, Roadways, Parking Lots, Asphalt Repairs 631 306-4426

If you are looking for quality paving contractors on Long Island, then look no further than Ram Asphalt. 

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